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This website is for educational purposes for MRKT 4012, Digital Marketing. Students are required to create a website with multiple pages. Please feel free to explore the website.

Links to Fall 2018 Student Websites

Victor Anderson
Jonathan Bufford
Ashleigh Caples
Shelby Carter
Caroline Courville
Shundalasha Davis
Kim Freeman
Clayton Harris
Oreoluwa Ibrahim
Brandon Lefear
Ashton Maddaloni
Raquel Metcalf
Deanthony Moore
Taylor Pilcher
Mattanjala Sims
Claire Stammerjohan
Morgan Taylor
Bailey Thibodeaux

KompoZer Software
a KompoZer User Guide

Class Resources
Social Media Resource Page
Social Networks (PDF)
Icons for Social Networks

Dr. Claire Stammerjohan

MRKT4012 Moodle Page
Dr. S school portrait
Marketeers Moodle Page
ULM Home page
Warhawk Athletics
PSE Facebook Page

Links to Past Student Websites

Previous MRKT 4012 Websites
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Cain, Ariel

Coy, Sidney
Johns, Anna
Prestenbach, Meghann
Reed, Jonathan
Jenkins, Tahja
McFarland, Susannah
Ngo, Linda
Patel, Tejal
Rappold, Lauren
Wright, Whitney
Arey, Hogan
Bertone, Lauren
Higley, Kaelynn
Masters, Molly
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