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This website is for educational purposes for MRKT 4012, Digital Marketing. Students are required to create a website with multiple pages. Please feel free to explore the website.
Links to Spring 2017 Student Websites
Jarrett Ailshie
Hogan Arey
Lauren Bertone
Clint Brister
Alton Clay
Tyler Cox
Jacorian Drumgole
Ben Edwards
Drake Eppinette
Zaidee Futch
Thomas Goodwin
Hayley Hays
Thomas Henry
Kaelynn Higley
Heath Hill
Brittney Johnson
Giorgio Martini
Molly Masters
Morgan McDonald
Austin McKinley
Sona Nakarmi
C.J. Nash
Josh Usie
Angel Yeager
Martha Zabel
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Dr. Ken Clow
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Blog for Marketing Research Textbook
Links to Past Student Websites
Previous MRKT 4011 Websites
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Previous MRKT 4012 Websites
Dot Cosmetics
Grind Coffee House
Like Father Like Son
Loose Button Restaurant
Method Urban Necessities
Simple Sassy Boutique
Southern Samosa
Truly Lumi
Jenkins, Tahja
McFarland, Susannah
Ngo, Linda
Patel, Tejal
Rappold, Lauren
Wright, Whitney
Basco, Laurie
Cain, Ariel

Coy, Sidney
Johns, Anna
Prestenbach, Meghann
Reed, Jonathan